#Kolkata: Vote on the run. Whose little red house? Fighting in the neighborhood. Candidates in the field. And their families in the war room. Beloved ones in the voting war on behalf of their loved ones. Figure one: The girl next to the father to win. The father is a politician. Twice councilor. Amal Chakraborty, the Trinamool ticket candidate in Ward No. 14 near Ultodanga. Companion girl thirst. Student of Jaipuria College. Now in charge of the father’s warroom. Thirst has been present at the party office since morning. Frequent meetings with staff. Propaganda supervision.

I have been seeing my father in the courtyard of politics for a long time. I want to give some solution to my father. So the vote fell into the war. Said Trisha. And in the words of father Amal Chakraborty, ‘It is very beneficial to be by his side. Many of our leading sons and daughters are on the battlefield this time. So the girl said I will join too ‘.

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Figure two: Wife beside husband in civil war. Husband four times councilor. Once again on the voting field with hand signs. His wife Bimala Pathak was involved in the battle with Congress candidate Santosh Pathak of Ward No. 45. Said, there is no doubt about the victory of the husband. My challenge is to increase his lead. The wife also pays special attention to keep her husband fit. Santosh Pathak, a longtime Congress councilor of Kolkata Municipality, says, ‘He is involved in various activities of my political life. I got the side in this election too ‘.

Figure three. Dad on the field for the daughter. Ward No. 95 Jadavpur resident CPIM candidate Anbesha Bhowmik’s father is a retired government worker. Long associated with the left movement. During Corona, the girl is by the side of the people as a Red Volunteer. This is the first time a candidate has been elected. Dad next door. Girl’s friend, philosopher and guide. Happy to have Dad by my side. Baba Priyabrata Bhowmik is also a partner in the polls with the petition ‘turn the steering wheel of Kolkata to the left’.

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Figure four. ‘Made for each other’ in politics. He is a member of the association. The wife is on the ballot for the first time. Swami Shubhjit, the election agent of BJP candidate Tamsa Chattopadhyay in Ward No. 64 of Rasbihari constituency. The wife is busy preaching. Husband is busy with accounting. The fight is frozen. Hot ground. Boiling warroom. ‘Favorite’ candidates are busy campaigning on the battlefield. And in the warroom, ‘Apanjan’ is busy winning votes.

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