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KMC Elections 2021: Full battle in ward no.


#Kolkata: A bit like a palm candy ad. Recognize the real thing. And in the midst of that acquaintance, the poster-banner (KMC Elections 2021) with the words “own sister” has become relevant in the battle of Calcutta pre-election.

Mukherjee’s “own sister” Chattopadhyay! In fact, Subrata Mukherjee’s own sister Tanima Chatterjee (Tanima Chatterjee) is no one else.

In fact, Sudarshan Mukherjee, the outgoing co-ordinator of the late Subrata Mukherjee’s area. Attempts have been made in the growing neighborhood of Baliganj so that people do not forget the blood relationship after seeing the title of Mukherjee. Tanima Chattopadhyay, sister of late minister Subrata Mukherjee, was the first name on the list of Trinamool candidates. Knowing that he had become a candidate, Tanimadevi started campaigning in the area. The writing on the wall started.

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In the meanwhile the goal is to bring the symbol. Outgoing Co-ordinator of Ward No. 6 Sudarshana Mukherjee was chosen as the candidate. Tanima Chattopadhyay stood as an independent from that ward His symbol against a pair of flowers is a pair of leaves

Now in Ward No. 8 there is a fierce battle between a pair of flowers and a pair of leaves. Attempts were made on behalf of the party if Tanima Chatterjee withdrew her nomination. It was also said that the party would take strict action if the nomination was not withdrawn. But Tanima Chatterjee did not move away from her position. As a result, even though the party was expelled, Subrata Mukherjee’s “own sister” is still engaging in public relations.

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Bahari posters were seen in different parts of the ward. Tanima Chattopadhyay’s poster-banner in blue and dark blue is bound to catch everyone’s eye. There is a picture of the late Subrata Mukherjee wearing a blue coat. Next to it is a picture of Tanima Chatterjee. In the Kolkata Municipality election, it was written, “Help the independent candidate Subrata Mukherjee’s own sister Tanima Chattopadhyay to get the lost glory of Ward No. 6 back by voting in a double page symbol to free Ward No. 6 from corruption.”

And this is where the political battle is frozen. Tanimadevi, however, is reluctant to accept the title. He says, “I am Subrata Mukherjee’s own sister. My own grandfather. I reminded him not to think of anything else.” He claimed that the people of the area know what has been done in the area.

Sudarshana, however, is reluctant to comment on this fight. “People from the area know what I’ve done,” he says. That is why Ward No. 6 of Kolkata’s pre-poll has got another dimension in the battle of title match and ‘own sister’.

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