KMC Elections 2021: More than 1100 booths are sensitive, how will Kolkata be on election day? Commission issued instructions

#Kolkata: The list of sensitive booths in KMC Elections 2021 was handed over to the Commission by Kolkata Police. Kolkata Police has identified more than 1,100 booths as sensitive booths. Kolkata police handed over the list to the state election commissioner on Friday. Not only the list, but also the deployment of troops in these sensitive booths and the design of the security details have been handed over to the commission. Out of a total of about 5,000 booths, sensitive booths account for about 20% in terms of percentage. Route march to all sensitive polling stations from this evening.

Sensitive booths according to Boro:

Borough 1: Total Booth 345. 112 sensitive booths.

Borough 2: Total Booth 201. 69 sensitive booths.

Borough 3: Total Booth 400. 100 sensitive booths.

Borough 4: Total Booth 260. There are 91 sensitive booths.

Borough 5: Total Booth 244. There are 36 sensitive booths.

Borough 6: Total Booth 305. There are 61 sensitive booths.

Borough 6: Total Booth 56. 250 sensitive booths.

Borough 6: Total Booth 293. There are 31 sensitive booths.

Borough 9: Total Booth 365. There are 43 sensitive booths.

Borough 10: Total Booth: 46. 6 sensitive booths.

Borough 11: Total Booth 243. There are 48 sensitive booths.

Borough 12: Total Booth 26. There are 44 sensitive booths.

Borough 13: Total Booth 207. There are 22 sensitive booths.

Borough 14: Total Booth 264. There are 36 sensitive booths.

Borough 15: Total Booth 245. There are 63 sensitive booths.

Borough 16: Total Booth 236. There are 48 sensitive booths.

The State Election Commission has sent guidelines to Kolkata Police Commissioner, Chief Secretary, Home Secretary, DG of State Police, District Magistrate (South 24 Parganas), Special and General Observers. It states that voters cannot be influenced in any way. The armed forces in charge of booth security must ensure that the booth is not captured and rigged in any way. Voters need to be monitored so that they can reach their polling stations safely. In any case, they need to be monitored so that they are not affected or threatened.

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No political party or candidate’s vehicle can be driven without permission on polling day. There will not even be a procession of bikes. All those who have armed security guards have to set up security outside the polling station to cast their votes. No one can go around with the security guard.

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