KMC Elections 2021: Officers’ diary from CCTV, CPIM-BJP united in court with booth-mystery!

#Kolkata: The BJP (Bengal BJP) has approached the Calcutta High Court alleging terrorism in the KMC Election 2021. CPIM has also been their partner. In other words, the CPIM-BJP are two parties in the court on the charge of terrorism in the pre-poll. At the hearing of the case in the Calcutta High Court on the same day, almost similar allegations were made by the BJP and the CPIM. The BJP and the CPI (M) have demanded that CCTV footage of all booths be stored on December 19, the day of the polls, and that an audit be conducted by the central agency. After examining the CCTV footage with the help of a neutral company, the real image of each booth should be brought to the fore.

Not only that, the BJP further complained that some booths did not have a Nota button in the EVM. The BJP did not get a single vote in many booths. This is not possible, claims the Gerua camp.

At today’s hearing, the BJP and CPIM also demanded that the diaries of EVMs and polling agents and the diaries of presiding officers be kept. The CPM and BJP have requested the High Court to bring CCTV footage of all the booths within 24 hours. The CPIM further alleged that the commission did not take action even though the CPM candidate was attacked. In one booth, the Trinamool polled 1,009 votes and the opposition was zero.

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However, Trinamool leader Mamata Banerjee said in a meeting with the party’s newly elected councilors that “no one in the whole country will be able to cast such a peaceful vote.” The police have done a good job. Thanks to Kolkata Police and State Election Commission. Even after the central forces came and voted, 18 of our workers died. But this time no such thing happened. “

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Opposition groups called for a boycott of the Kolkata Municipal Corporation (KMC Election 2021). Despite sporadic unrest in Kolkata on Sunday, polling day, the state Election Commission said the polls were peaceful. However, state opposition leader Shuvendu Adhikari went to the commission’s office on Sunday night and warned that re-election would have to be held in the whole of Kolkata. But the State Election Commission on Monday made it clear that there would be no re-election in Kolkata. Because according to the commission, except for one or two sporadic incidents, the Kolkata vote was generally peaceful. The role of Kolkata Police was also appreciated on behalf of the Commission. However, in the court, the CPIM and the BJP united and started fighting over the Kolkata by-elections.

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