KMC Elections 2021: Promise to change Trinamool, Tilottama Vol in ‘Kolkata 10 Horizons’

#Kolkata: Kolkata (KMC Elections 2021) on the way to the new horizon holding the hands of the grassroots. On the last Sunday of the election campaign, the Trinamool Congress workers started campaigning with leaflets in different parts of the country. The All India Trinamool Congress has released its election manifesto for the Kolkata Municipal Corporation elections in Maharashtra on Saturday.

Kolkata’s ’10 Horizons’ – An attempt has been made to give a fancy Kolkata look in this forthcoming outline. Kolkata is known worldwide for its culture and heritage. The manifesto promises to preserve that culture and heritage. Promoting Trinamool Congress candidates, Mamata Banerjee’s government has come up with the Nirmal Kolkata project, which aims to modernize waste management through resource segregation, collection and processing under a PPP model after evaluating the best practices worldwide. It also includes the introduction of state-of-the-art technology in consultation with international experts for a complete overhaul of existing waste management. The scheme also includes elimination of open VAT by ensuring zero open dumps and installation of an underground bin container system in every 2 wards.

City streets, which are frequently covered by scanners for poor maintenance, will be the focus of civic organizations this time around. Plans for white topping on all major roads and black topping for tertiary roads will be completed in the next five years. That problem will be solved within 14 days. The manifesto called for the construction of footbridges with 50 escalators and underground passages at major intersections of the city, as well as increasing the use of pool-cars and widening of roads in necessary areas to alleviate traffic congestion. There are also plans to launch a smart parking application.

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An annual art festival and music conference will be organized under the auspices of Calcutta Municipality to further promote the culture of the city to the people. There will be a platform for hardworking and emerging artists to showcase their talents. Kolkata and its environs are rich in traditional buildings, ghats and important historical and cultural sites. Tourists and enthusiasts will be introduced to those places so that people can go around talking about them. So a flagship heritage walk will be launched around Kolkata. Many talented artists live in the heart of Kolkata. A pilot art-district project will be launched to encourage them. Where various pictures will be painted on the street walls of Kolkata.

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In addition to the beautification of the ghats adjacent to the Hooghly River, there will be facilities for changing houses, access to affordable toilets, dustbins and handrails. The manifesto promises to hold an annual sports meeting under the auspices of the Calcutta Municipality. There borough level teams will participate in various sports activities like cricket, football and athletics. The winning borough level team will be awarded the ‘Mayor’s Cup’. The All India Trinamool Congress has emphasized the use of electric vehicles across the city, including the construction of eco-friendly infrastructure and charging stations to prevent pollution.

For the convenience of women, separate wards for bathing, sanitary napkins and separate rooms for childcare have been set up in each ward and a special toilet for women has been promised. Experts from reputed institutes will be consulted for long lasting and scientific solutions to the problem of excess water accumulation due to heavy rains. In addition to supplying 200 pumps, the existing pumping stations and Z lines will be upgraded.

The All India Trinamool Congress (AICC) has pledged to transform 100 out of 263 municipal schools into English medium and focus on smart classrooms, improved curriculum and overall development of students to further improve school infrastructure.

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