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KMC Elections 2021: Twin Flowers Vs Twin Leaves! Kolkata is going to watch the battle of two Benazir’s


#Kolkata: Pairs of flowers vs. pairs of leaves. This fight is going on in two wards of South Kolkata in the pre-poll. Despite the efforts of the party, Sachchidananda Bandopadhyay and Tanima Chatterjee did not agree to withdraw their nominations. As a result, these two are going to contest the full vote by grabbing the double page. The last time to withdraw the nomination was till 3 pm on Saturday. Although that time has passed, neither of them has agreed to withdraw the nomination.

As a result, there are peg candidates in these two wards 6 and 72. Sachchidananda Bandopadhyay, former president of South Kolkata District Trinamool. He is fighting from ward number 72. Which is included in Bhabanipur assembly constituency. Firhad Hakim, Debashish Kumar, Shobhandev Chattopadhyay and Madan Mitra had requested the veteran leader to withdraw his candidature. But he gave back to everyone. He was also sent to Arup Chakraborty, co-ordinator of ward 110. Youngest son-in-law of Trinamool candidate Sachchidananda Babu of Ward No. 96. But he did not listen to his son-in-law.

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Sachchidananda Bandopadhyay, who is a bit arrogant, said that this is his last fight in this election. He wants to fight this battle. On the other hand, it was said on behalf of the party on Saturday that the party has decided the candidate. The decision of the team is final. Strict action will be taken against those who do not abide by this decision. Sachchidananda Bandopadhyay said, “I am not one of the team. How to punish or expel me. I’m just like me. I will fight like me. “

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The other will fight in ward number 8 in Baliganj assembly constituency with a pair of leaves. The Trinamool Congress had announced his name in the list of candidates on the 28th. Later it changed. In that ward, Sudarshan Bhattacharya was nominated instead of Tanima Chattopadhyay. Several top leaders of the party have also explained to Subrata Mukherjee’s sister. But he is adamant in his decision. So he came down to the field with a pair of leaves as a rival of a pair of flowers. Subrata is fighting with Mukherjee’s picture. Reaching house to house. He is also adamant, he will not withdraw the candidate post. He has heard about the decision of the party but he is not willing to give importance to it. As a result, the political circles are keeping an eye on the two high profile wards of the two assembly constituencies in South Kolkata in the forthcoming general elections. Flowers vs. leaves where involved.

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