Kolkata: After Durgotsab, now Corona Virus seems to be growing by leaps and bounds. In Pujo, ordinary people were seen walking without masks. Uncontrolled living and neglect of hygiene has become very common for people. On Tuesday morning, I went to Sealdah Kole Market and saw that no one had a mask on their face. They sell goods. When asked about their masks, the clear answer is, ‘there is in the market’. Again someone said ‘I forgot.’

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The economy is inextricably linked with health. Since Corona is contagious, the neighbors don’t let her out if they know, and no one comes in contact with them. As a result, if the economic condition of the house is like day by day, then the family becomes unemployed for fourteen to fifteen days in a row.

In this way the economy is slowly weakening to the common man. The whole country has gone through two waves of epilepsy. In the second wave, everyone has seen oxygen and crisis from the hospital bed. Yet no one is aware yet. Asked by a security guard at Cole Market, he said, “When asked to wear a mask, no one wears it.”

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As Corona grows every day, health officials say there is a risk of another catastrophe if ordinary people are not aware of it themselves. Doctors say, “No matter how much double dose of vaccine is given. There is a possibility of corona. “However, the risk would have been higher if Corona had been attacked in the same way as before, but this time it is less likely. Masks must be used and social distance must be observed. If not, again the big danger to mankind. Appeal to health workers.

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