#Kolkata: A man was speeding towards Taratala junction. He was injured in an accident while changing lanes. Three friends got out of the car in a new car. He lost control and pushed hard on the sidewalk guardrail. Everyone was slightly injured. The traffic department of Lalbazar is blaming the driver’s ‘immature’ hand as the cause of several accidents.

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From the beginning of this year to the middle of April, most of the accidents in the city were caused by cyclists and bike riders. Even the death toll is at least 50. The FSTP (those who investigate deaths in road accidents) department in Lalbazar has come up with shocking information. According to officials, most of the accidents that have taken place in the city have shown that most of the people who have been involved in accidents with bikes or bicycles have learned to ride a new one. So many people have an accident because they do not have a clear idea about the traffic signal or lane crossing.

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Investigators also found information on ‘immature’ hands after questioning injured passengers or eyewitnesses who were caught on close circuit cameras of several signals. An official of the traffic department said that recently such drivers are one of the causes of headaches. Many are taking to the streets after getting licenses. In many cases, they are involved in accidents before they realize it. So I tell them to be more careful.

By the way, since the time of lockdown, ordinary people have relied on bikes and bicycles for daily work or going to the office. At that time many people bought new bikes, scooters or bicycles. Learned to drive in the lockdown episode and got down on the street. At that time it was possible to avoid accidents due to low traffic pressure. But in the unlocked episode and at the present time on the busy road, some of those riders are getting into an accident. So far this year, 23 people have died in accidents involving bikes and scooters. And the number of cyclists is 5. So Lalbazar has banned cycling again on the busiest roads. But the bicycle is running without toyakka.

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