Kolkata Accident: Two buses collide on the bypass, fatal accident! Dangerous 2

#Kolkata: Bus accident at Hadco intersection above the bypass. While the bus from Goriya to Ultodanga station route was heading towards Goriya, two buses collided with each other and hit the divider. Several people were reported injured. Police have arrived at the scene. The condition of two of the injured is said to be critical.

Incidentally, a terrible accident happened this morning in East Midnapore. At least three people were killed and at least 13 others were injured when a bus carrying vegetables collided head-on with a bus on Digha-Nandakumar 116B National Highway. The condition of 6 of the injured is said to be critical (Purba Medinipore Bus Accident). Witnesses said a Kolkata-bound bus on the Khejuri-Boga route lost control and hit a vegetable cart as it was speeding.

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The condition of the injured is still critical. Seven passengers of the bus were also seriously injured. Several of the injured have been admitted to Chandipur Hospital and District Hospital. Due to the accident, the traffic on Digha-Nandakumar National Highway was stopped for a long time. This important road is blocked. Many tourists who went out to go to Digha also got stuck

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Witnesses said the tragic accident happened while avoiding a trailer parked on the road. Locals complain that cars are parked here and there on this busy road. And that is why accidents have become a daily occurrence. Locals further complained that cars were parked day after day on important roads like the National Highway at the tip of the police nose. But neither the traffic police nor the administration is taking any action in this regard. So accidents are not decreasing.

There have been several accidents in Kolkata in the last few days. On the day of Vaifonta, a student was killed by a bus. Many people think that there could have been a serious danger even in today’s incident.

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