Kolkata Airport: Corona-Akhra Airport? Terrible incident at Kolkata airport! As soon as the report came …

#Kolkata: Corona infection is on the rise in the state even in the new year. Corona’s new strain Omicron has also made headlines. Frightening pictures are being seen in all the districts including Kolkata. It is not growing everywhere. As a result, the state government has issued new restrictions to stop the third wave of corona. On Sunday, Chief Secretary HK Dwivedi told a news conference that the new Corona guidelines. And the first look at Corona Air is in the case of air services from other countries or states. However, the evidence that the decision is not unreasonable was found today.

According to sources, the passengers were tested RTPCR on their way from Kolkata to Dubai. Of these, 17 passengers have tested positive. Naturally, this incident has created an atmosphere of panic at the airport. According to airport sources, 8 passengers of Indigo 6E027, 6 passengers of FLY Dubai and 3 passengers of Emirates were found to be corona positive. In all, the cowardly report of 16 passengers came positive.

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Incidentally, many passengers from the state and outside the country have come to the state and caught corona positive. As a result, the state has introduced a number of new rules for taking off and landing at Dumdum Airport. Maharashtra and Delhi are currently at the top in the country in terms of corona infestation. Therefore, the state has directed that flights to Mumbai and Delhi will operate two days a week from Monday. Flights to Delhi and Mumbai will only fly on Mondays and Fridays.

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Meanwhile, no flights from Britain will be able to land in Kolkata at the moment. RTPCR has been made mandatory for other international passengers in Kolkata. In the meantime, 18 corona positive patients were found at the airport in one day. Experts think that this is just the tip of the iceberg.

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