#Kolkata: The teenager from Kolkata had a kidney transplant seven years ago. This time Sayak Chatterjee has a liver transplant at a hospital in Chennai. A 14-year-old boy underwent surgery at Rela Hospital in Chennai on Wednesday. Sayek was diagnosed with kidney disease seven years ago. He was only five then.

At that time he had to have a kidney transplant. Sayek was diagnosed with high blood pressure when he was only five years old. Kidney problems can be seen during that treatment. Doctors ordered a replacement. Sayak’s parents were in financial crisis due to his child’s illness and kidney transplant. Then they sold their five bighas of land in Burdwan and moved to Calcutta for the treatment of their son.

Sayak’s father got a job as a security guard in Kolkata. Parents and son start living in a rented house. Although the boy’s kidney was transplanted, Saik’s parents were not relieved. Because in 2016, the doctors said, Sayak’s kidney may be crippled again. Or a bigger physical problem may occur. A doctor advised Saik’s parents to take the boy to Naresh Shanmugam, a pediatrician at Rela Hospital in Chennai.

Dr. Naresh and Professor Mohammad Rela see through tests that Sayak is suffering from cirrhosis. It is accompanied by hypertension – high blood pressure in the abdominal veins. Both doctors advised Saik’s parents to have a liver transplant. They also agreed to the advice of doctors. They started looking for who would donate the liver. Finally, after 6 months, the hospital found the liver.

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“We had to wait six months to find the organ. After the surgery, Saik’s condition was critical. But slowly he began to recover,” said Dr. Rela. According to Dr. Naresh, Sayak was released from the hospital 11 days after the surgery. Now that teenager is fine.

Sayek’s parents told the media, “Our son is unable to go to school due to illness. Doctors at Rela Hospital have given us hope that our son is well now and will recover very soon and be able to go to school and take classes like other children.”

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