Kolkata club Suruchi Sangha is having live streaming to help people to visit them virtually | Harassing the idol pushing the crowd? – বাংলা

#Kolkata: No need to stand in line in the crowd. Mandapas, idols, all the rituals of puja and even celebrity philosophy. See it all at home with one click. This system has been introduced by one of the city’s high profile, renowned Pujo New Alipore Suruchi Sangh since Panchami.

This is good news for those who are worried that they will not be able to see Suruchi Tagore during Pujo for fear of Corona. The pujo entrepreneurs are claiming that the taste of the mandapa will match at home. No small moments will be left out for the people sitting at home. So that no one thinks that he is not in the pandal, but sitting at home watching Thakur.

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Entrepreneurs have informed that everything will be broadcast from Suruchi Sangh’s official YouTube channel. Also drawn can be seen live on Facebook. For this 24-hour live broadcast, four cameras have been installed. Through which this will be shown live. Entrepreneurs have said that nothing of motherhood will be left out.

Minister Arup Biswas, one of the initiators of this puja, said that people from different parts of the country and many foreigners come to see this mandapa. Many of them are not able to come this time because of Corona. As a result, we decided to broadcast this live with them in mind. Arrangements have been made so that everyone can taste it even sitting at home digitally. On the other hand, masks and sanitizers are recommended for visitors to prevent covid infections.

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About ten thousand packets have been arranged. On the other hand, the club will inform in advance the schedule of which family will come for the puja. They will come according to that time. This decision has been made so that there is no crowd. Since there are multiple blocks in New Alipore. So the block is being decided over and over again. This year’s Suruchi Sangh has not yet decided on the game of Cinnamon. However, women will accept the idol at a distance. Suruchi wants to highlight the aspect of how to worship by cutting the corona atmosphere. So the emphasis is on digital. Pujo fans are eager to see Thakur.

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