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Kolkata Corporation: Left-Congress alliance again in Kolkata municipality?


#Kolkata: Kolkata Municipality again left-Congress alliance? Recently, the question has been coming up regarding the election of the Public Accounts Committee or PAC of the municipality. Left and Congress councilors submitted petitions to the municipality as supporters of each other. Sitting side by side, the Left Congress councilors competed in the PSC elections.

There is no recognized opposition party in Calcutta Municipality now. As per custom, the chairmanship of the Public Accounts Committee or PAC is given to the opposition. In that case, what will happen in the end in Calcutta Municipality? Despite having a majority of councilors in the municipality, the Trinamool Congress wants to leave the post of PAC chairman in the hands of the Left, not the opposition BJP. The selection process has started.

The city secretariat has issued a notification seeking nominations for seven members of the PAC, including the chairman. The nomination submission process will continue till Thursday, June 2. Friday, June 3 is the last day for withdrawal of nominations. June 7 will be Scrutiny. If more than seven people submit nomination papers, elections will be held in the next session of the municipality. Otherwise, the name of the chairman will be announced along with the members of PAC on that day.

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According to Kolkata Municipality sources, the post was first offered to Madhuchanda Dev, a left councilor of Ward No. 92, on a personal level. Several grassroots representatives sent messages to him and tried to understand his attitude. Madhuchanda Devi is also not happy. However, he said, it is not my personal matter. The application must be submitted to the party in the prescribed manner. It doesn’t matter if I personally don’t agree without a swing. Finally, he submitted his nomination papers for the post of chairman.

According to the rules of Calcutta Municipality, in order to get the badge of opposition party in the municipality, one has to get at least 15 seats. At present, there are only 10 opposition councilors from the Left, BJP, Congress and non-party in the pre-poll. As a result, who will be the chairman of the PAC depends a lot on the will or reluctance of the ruling party or the treasury bench.

This is where the Trinamool Congress, the ruling party within the Calcutta Municipality, is in a political crisis. According to a senior councilor of the ruling party, in the current political context, if someone from the BJP is made the chairman of the PS, it could send a message of a Trinamool-BJP ‘treaty’. From that point on, the Left is much more acceptable to the grassroots than the BJP. Although several Trinamool councilors are keen to get the post of PAC chairman, party sources said that their brother-in-law is being retained in this phase.

On the other hand, the Left-Congress has once again formed an alliance around this election. Nominations require the signatures of two candidates. At present, Purbord has two councilors from the Left and one from the Congress. Despite hundreds of disagreements in this situation, the two parties have joined hands in urging the need. Wasim Ansari of the Congress has signed the nomination papers of Madhuchanda Deb as the second nominee. He is a Congress Councilor in Calcutta Municipality. On the other hand, Madhuchanda Devi herself has signed the nomination paper of Santosh Pathak as the second proposer as a member of the committee. The Left is going to get the post of chairman of PSC on the basis of that alliance.

BJP councilor Sajal Ghosh, however, did not stop mocking. He said what the CPM-Congress alliance will do is a matter of their ideology or deviation from their ideology. I have nothing to say. However, the BJP should have got this post.

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