Sunday, July 3, 2022

kolkata corporation takes many action for cyclone jawad


#Kolkata: Cyclone Jawad added more power. It will hit the coastal areas of Orissa and Andhra Pradesh on Saturday. The cyclone is already located in the west-central Bay of Bengal adjacent to the south-eastern Bay of Bengal. It will turn into a cyclone in the next 12 hours. And the impact could be on the coast of West Bengal. Whose rush will come to Calcutta too. That is why the Calcutta Municipality is becoming more cautious about learning from Yaser.

The following is the decision of the Calcutta Municipality regarding Cyclone Jawad:

1) All the lighthouses in Calcutta should be inspected. Somewhere to see if there is any electrical wire open or if the feeder box is open.

2) He directed the Calcutta Municipality, CESC and the police to conduct an observation. This team will work in coordination in Kolkata and will do all the work before and after the storm.

3) From tomorrow, Kolkata Municipality will have 24 hours staff in the control room.

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4) Instructions to check in advance if there is any bad pump in the sewage pumping stations. If necessary, additional pumps should be added from today.

5) Special attention should be paid to the dangerous houses in the city.

6) Borough executives will pay special attention to their respective borough areas.

6) How many trees are growing in the city and they need to be cleaned quickly.

6) In areas that are notorious for water storage, first steps must be taken for drainage.

9) Triphala lampposts have been set up in several places of the city. They need to be completely disconnected during storms and rains.

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10) Sweepers leave should be canceled. They should always be alert and have cleaning vehicles ready.

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