Kolkata Electric Bus | Not petrol, Manjoy is on an electric bus, this time Kolkata is also on the world stage

#Kolkata: The World Economic Forum in Kolkata praised pollution control. Pollution has been reduced due to electric bus and ferry system (Electric Bus in Kolkata). This system is very effective in reducing pollution in the coming days. At a time when pollution is on the rise in the capital, the world has naturally shrugged off the state’s appreciation of Kolkata’s initiative.

According to the State Transport Department, 1000 more Eco Friendly Bus in Kolkata will be launched in the next few years. They will run from various bus depots in Kolkata and Newtown. Buses will maintain contact with different parts of the city. At present there are more than one electric bus or e-bus in Kolkata. Over the last three years, e-buses have become very popular in the city. It has even been highly praised in foreign courts. Therefore, the West Bengal Transport Department wants to launch more environmentally friendly buses to develop the transport system infrastructure. Already, a number of steps have been taken to increase the number of charging stations and build modern bus stands. As a result, if such buses are increased, there will be no problem in terms of infrastructure. Besides, a plan has also been taken to set up a solarized bus depot on behalf of the transport department.

On the one hand, the development of the city’s infrastructure, on the other hand, to control air pollution, electric buses were introduced in Kolkata a year ago. Which was popular in Calcutta from the beginning. That e-bus service in Kolkata also won recognition in the international arena. The International Electricity Agency’s 2020 Global Electric Vehicle Outlook (JVO) report is published in Paris. The report praised Kolkata’s e-bus service as the only city in the country.

Kolkata has emerged as the fourth city along with Shenzhen in China, Helsinki in Finland and Santiago in Chile. According to the report, Kolkata has become the norm for many cities in the world in this regard. Besides, the state power department has already introduced electric vehicles (e-cars) on a trial basis. According to the sources of the power department, the price of petrol and diesel is increasing day by day. As a result, the cost of driving is increasing every day. There is pollution with that. With all aspects in mind, the department launched the battery-powered car on an experimental basis.

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