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Kolkata Forensic Expert || Fly bite kills tiger at the zoo! How did the sixth Chowdhury untangle? Century unknown story …


#Kolkata: Salta 1974, The mysterious death of RSS leader Deendayal Upadhyay in Varanasi. Forensic science is helping to unravel the mystery that has erupted across the country. And that work was done efficiently by the then forensic science expert Dr. Sasthi Chowdhury. Who completed 99 last Monday and turned 100 years old.

For more than 50 years of his long life, Dr. Shasthi Chowdhury, a forensic science expert, has been engaged in the work of forensic science. This Bengali forensic man has worked as a forensic expert, assistant director of Central Forensic Science Laboratory and director of State Forensic Science Lab from 196 to 1970. In his career, Bellarani helped to put an end to murder. In his career, there is also the example of working as a forensic expert in Saibari murder.

Sixth Chowdhury on his birthday. Sixth Chowdhury on his birthday.

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Sudipta Chowdhury, the son of the veteran expert, said: “My father worked at the Alipore Zoo on the verge of death of a tiger. Sudipta Chowdhury said that the tiger died suddenly at the zoo. It could not be found in Kolkata. At the time of the investigation, a zoo official had attended a seminar in Rajasthan. Somehow a fly got into his bag. It landed in Kolkata. There are many such solutions in the possession of Dr. Sasthi Roy, there are also rewards and honors.

He has been awarded the Dr. Bidhan Chandra Roy Award at the Bangladesh Government World Bangla Conference. He has been awarded the Lifetime Achievement Award by the Government of India for his work in Forensic Science. Dr. Sasthi Chowdhury, who has just set foot in the century, has received many such awards. The boy said that he had written a short story of his personal and working life two weeks before the birthday celebration. Which has been used as a birthday speech.

He was born on 20 June 1923 in the village of Dhaperhat in Rangpur, then Bangladesh. Reading started in the village school. Then graduated in Science from Rangpur Chemical College. After passing MBBS from Arjikar in 1949, he again did his PhD in Micro Biology under the supervision of Calcutta University. Then began his career as a forensic science expert. He has also gone abroad to make himself better in this life. Learned, applied to his work. So even though he was born 24 years before independence, he has been working in the computer age.

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