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#Kolkata: West Bengal Municipality Election verdict in Calcutta High Court on Wednesday. The verdict will be announced by the Division Bench of the Chief Justice. Kolkata will go to the polls on Sunday, December 19. Meanwhile, a pre-vote case has been filed in the High Court. 111 What is the future of municipal votes? When is the pre-vote? What will be the minimum number of points of 111 expired municipal votes? The answer to the question may be found on Wednesday.

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The High Court wants the votes of 111 municipalities of the state quickly. The state’s argument is that the state wants to hold the West Bengal Municipality Election by May 2022 after paying all the exam months in March-April. On the other hand, the State Election Commission argues that EVMs are inadequate. So it is not possible to vote all at once. The EVM loan to the National Election Commission and 20 states did not match anything. Therefore, 111 municipalities will vote on the basis of discussions with the state.

After the Kolkata Bengal Vote (West Bengal Municipality Election), the Commission has 746 EVMs in its hands. The Chief Justice Division Bench questioned why the rest of the municipality did not vote with this EVM. According to the Election Commission, another 20,000 EVMs are required for simultaneous voting in 111 municipalities.

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By the way, will all the municipal votes of the state (West Bengal) be together? Even if all the pre-votes are not together, is it possible to count the votes together? The answers to these questions can be found on Wednesday. Guidelines have already been created. The division bench of the Chief Justice said. Several cases were filed in the Calcutta High Court seeking to hold the West Bengal Municipality Election simultaneously. Those cases are heard together in the division bench of the Chief Justice. Earlier, the BJP had raised the question, although there were 91 simultaneous municipal elections in 2015, where is the problem in holding all the pre-polls this time?

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Note that before this, last December 10, the day of the last hearing, the court wants to know, when will the vote of the expired municipalities? In response, the state’s attorney general said plans for a referendum had not yet been made. The state will be able to announce the date of the rest of the polls after December 19. The state itself will inform the court if it fails to vote by May.

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