Kolkata High Court rejects application for stay on ration project

#Kolkata: The Calcutta High Court did not stay the Duare Ration project. As a result, there was no obstacle in launching the ration project at the door from this day A few ration dealers approached the court seeking a stay on the ration project at the door However, Justice Amrita Sinha dismissed the petition

Soon after coming to power, Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee announced the launch of Duare Ration scheme in the state. The feature of this scheme is that the ration dealers will reach the homes of the buyers with rations. But a few ration dealers filed a case in the Calcutta High Court seeking a stay on the project However, Justice Amrita Sinha did not want to accept that application

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Lawyer Kalyan Banerjee questioned the state government in the court He said the state government is launching this project for the convenience of consumers As a result, it cannot be blocked by any third party Food Minister Rathin Ghosh also claimed, “Before the project was launched, we called all the ration dealers and explained the project relationship. Even after that, some dealers approached the court Mamata Banerjee has started this work for the good of the people.

The state administration was also relieved as the court rejected the pleas of the plaintiffs After that, door-to-door ration service was started in different districts starting from Kolkata

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