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Kolkata Hospitals: Bankrupt family starves, Bankura patient wanders door to door for 5 days


Kolkata: After five days from Bankura Sanra, he came to Kolkata, visited various hospitals (Kolkata Govt Hospital) and stayed in the hospital attic. Sometimes the sun, sometimes the rain with the head just waiting, if the hospital beds. Hospital beds are no longer available.

Patient Jyotsna Kalindi was found next to the emergency department of the medical college on Tuesday morning. Then he was in agony. After being admitted to Bankura Medical College Hospital for 15 days, doctors advised him to be taken to PG Hospital in Kolkata.

Sick Jyotsna was taken to PG Hospital by his son Raju Kalindi, son-in-law Sannyasi Badyakar Bankura in an ambulance. From there he was referred to medical college and hospital. Go to the hospital of the medical college and show it outdoors as per the advice of the doctors. Refer NRS from there again. Referred from NRS again to Medical College Hospital on Tuesday morning.

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According to the relatives of the patient, he begged for twenty thousand rupees and brought it for treatment. An ambulance took eight and a half thousand rupees from Bankura to Kolkata. Since then, ambulances have taken Rs 500 each time to take him from one hospital to another in Kolkata.

With some physical examination, buying medicine – all together now the money is almost gone. Admission is still a long way off in the last five days. Jyotsna did not start any other treatment except painkillers. Jyotsna’s relatives complained that they had been starving for several days. Spending the day eating the slightest turnip. This time, however, the patient will return to the village home. They were saying.

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Jyotsna said, he is in a lot of trouble after leaving home. They are no longer tolerating this suffering. The family lives by playing drums in pujo or making bamboo dhama and kulo. No income. They do not know what will happen in the future. When contacted by the superintendent of the medical college hospital, he did not pick up the phone. Jyotsna and her relatives are sitting helplessly in a corner of the emergency room with storm-water-rain on their heads.

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