Kolkata Howrah Civic Polls: EVM-This Prevote, But No Vivipat! Preparations started by the State Election Commission

#Kolkata: The State Election Commission (SEC) has started preparations for the by-polls in Kolkata and Howrah State Election Commissioner Sourav Das held a one-on-one meeting with top officials of the state police and administration this afternoon to prepare for the polls.

The meeting was attended by Home Secretary, ADG Law and Order and State Health Secretary. According to sources, the meeting lasted for more than an hour and focused on EVMs, booths, polling station infrastructure, polling staff, general law and order situation and voting in accordance with the Covid rules. There has also been talk about how many troops are needed for the election of the two municipalities

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The Election Commissioner will send a letter seeking approval of the state government within the next 7 days after preparing a draft of the force and force format on the basis of the discussion in this day’s meeting. If necessary, the commissioner will meet again with the state administration.

Initially, it was decided to hold the polls with the help of Kolkata Police. If necessary, the district police may also be used. The aim of the commission is to get the armed forces to vote in all the booths. There will also be ordinary police with sticks with the armed forces. Homeguard will be with.

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State Election Commission Secretary Nilanjan Shandilya said that even if EVM was used in the pre-poll, it would not have VVPad. Because the commission has M-1 and M-2 EVM 8 But Vivipad has the advantage of Emthri EVM6 Which is not in the hands of the commission at the moment

The state government has already decided to exclude Bali from Howrah municipality Preparations for the elections will begin on Wednesday with the voter list of 50 wards of Howrah Municipality being passed as soon as the amendment is passed in the Assembly to remove Bali from the Howrah Corporation. The update of the voter list for January 1, 2021, which has been done till November 1, will be finalized.

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