#Kolkata: At first glance it looked like a small hole. A closer look reveals a large hollow part inside. At first it came to the notice of the police. The news was given to Calcutta Municipality. Municipal officials rushed there. Work began on wartime activities. Danger was avoided. The incident took place at 109 Netaji Subhash Road in Barabazar area.

A hole was found in the road at the scene on Friday. At first no one cared. Almost normal activities were going on in the busy streets. But the police officers first saw it and took action. Police officer Amaresh Ghosh, who was present at the spot, said, “Yesterday morning we first saw a hole. A closer look reveals that there are many gaps inside. The place was immediately barricaded. It was reported to Kolkata Municipality. Their officers quickly found that.” Come to observe the place and start working. “

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Municipal official Arnab Bandopadhyay said, “We have started work since yesterday. At first it was seen that there was a leak in the Ganges water pipe. It was repaired. But due to that leak a lot of soil was removed. Later it was seen that more water was coming. I hope I can finish the job in three or four hours. ” Sachin Jaiswal, a businessman in the area, said: “This area is very busy. The way people travel here, the cars move. This hole should be out of sight. And there is no way to understand what is inside such a small hole. It’s better to get well soon. Otherwise, there is a risk of traffic jams. “

Another local resident Suresh Jhan said, “There are two water lines. One is Ganga water and the other is drinking water. Water was leaking from there. But it needs to be repaired. There is a bridge on the side of the road. ” Kolkata Municipality, Kolkata Police officials are at the scene. The administration wants to control the situation quickly by working in wartime activities.


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