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#Kolkata: The late Subrata Mukherjee Passes Away is a veteran and skilled politician of the state. State Panchayat and Rural Development Minister (Subrata Mukherjee) breathed his last at SSKM Hospital on Thursday night. Although he had been ill for some time, the news of his sudden death cast a shadow of mourning. Ordinary people from the political arena, no one can accept the departure of the temperamental, smiling man (Subrata Mukherjee Passes Away).

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The sudden demise of Subrata Mukherjee at the age of only 65 has not only cast a shadow of mourning in the political arena. At the same time the mourning ground. Even on the day of the festival of lights, darkness descended on the Mohun Bagan tent.

Mohun Bagan – No one could have imagined the way the soul would go like this. Club secretary Sanjay Bose was holding the throat in a message of condolence. Where he is clear, he is not a comrade of the club, he lost a guardian (Subrata Mukherjee Passes Away). Secretary Mohun Bagan said, “I can’t imagine that Subrata will leave us like this. What can I say? Can’t find any language to speak. I lost a guardian. I have an irreparable loss. ”

Subrata Mukherjee Passes Away was currently the Vice President of the Mohun Bagan Club. But he never needed a position to work for the club. The man of Maidan love always seemed to be deeply involved with Mohun Bagan. The club informed that the flag of the club will be kept at half-mast on Friday to mourn the death of Subrata Mukherjee.

Club secretary Sanjay Bose, club finance secretary Debashis Dutta and former footballer Satyajit Chatterjee went to Rabindra Sadan this morning to pay their last respects to the Mohun Bagan lover. Paying homage to Subrata Babu for the last time, the Mohun Bagan officials wrapped his body in a green-maroon flag.

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Not only football, Subrata Mukherjee (Subrata Mukherjee Passes Away) was also associated with other sports on the field. The President of the State Kabaddi Association was the Panchayat Minister of the State His death was a huge blow to Kabaddi. At one time he was also associated with the Bengal State Table Tennis Association. Although there was a cricket match in Eden, he helped in every way. Naturally, the Calcutta Maidan mourned his death. Today, the green field is surrounded by the memory of that evergreen man.

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