Kolkata Metro: A lot is changing, have you noticed this change in Kolkata Metro?

#Kolkata: This time the Kolkata Metro Rail Authority (Kolkata Metro) took an alternative approach to increase revenue. It was earlier decided to brand seven stations of Kolkata Metro. According to the Metro Rail Authority, about 1,500 square feet of space will be given to the private sector at each station. Where the company can advertise them. In that step, the smart gate of the metro station was also branded.

Advertising has already started at multiple metro stations on the subway. According to Metro Rail sources, this arrangement will be made at all the stations. According to the Metro Rail Authority, this will generate an annual income of Rs 40 to 60 lakh for the Kolkata Metro Rail. Earlier, the Kolkata Metro Rail Authority had decided to brand several stations in Kolkata. This time they have decided to increase that number further.

According to Kolkata Metro Rail official Pratyush Ghosh, it has been decided to brand the stations like Dumdum, Noapara, Belgachhia, Esplanade, Park Street. Apart from this, Bengal Chemical and Sealdah metro stations of East-West Metro Rail will be branded. He said the branding would be done on a five-year contract. As a result, it is now costing 274 rupees to earn 100 rupees.

On behalf of the Kolkata Metro Rail, they have started thinking of earning an alternative way to cover the cost. That’s why metro rail officials said such a plan. Due to the second wave of Kovid, from May 15 last year to July 15 this year, multiple rules and regulations were in force for the general public in the Kolkata Metro. Earlier, the Metro was closed for a long time even during the first wave of Kovid. Now the metro service has been launched. However, on the one hand, the number of passengers is less as there are less local trains. On the other hand, having work from home also reduces the number of passengers in the metro. At the same time, the metro rail authorities have had to face extreme losses as the metro has not been running for a long time. Meanwhile, Metro Rail does not have the opportunity to earn money by transporting goods like Indian Railways.

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In this situation, they are looking for income through an alternative way called branding. Sector Five and Salt Lake Stadium, these two metro stations have already been branded. Belgachhia, Shobhabazar-Sutanuti, Chandni Chowk, Phulbagan, City Center metro stations are also on the list. Before Pujo, the names of Dumdum, Noapara, Belgachhia, Esplanade, Park Street, Bengal Chemical, Sealdah are going to be added to that list. Branding at a metro station means that the company can place their printed advertisement in a specific area of ​​1500 square feet. It can also be visual. If you want, you can also make a kiosk in the name of the company and advertise. They can also advertise on tokens, smart cards, coaches or smart gates.

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