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Kolkata Metro | Budget 2022 Rs 1100 crore allocated for kolkata metro | 1100 crore allocated for kolkata metro in central budget! The work of East-West Metro will run at breakneck speed … – News18 Bangla


#Kolkata: In the time of Manmohan Singh, the then Railway Minister Mamata Banerjee had announced the expansion of Kolkata Metro. More than a decade has passed since then, but that work is still unfinished. After the announcement of Metro in other cities of the country, it is on the way to be implemented. But even with the city’s metro expansion, progress is not enough. In this situation, Union Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman on Tuesday announced an allocation of Tk 1,100 crore for the Kolkata Metro (Union Budget 2022).

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Needless to say, this budget (Kolkata Metro | Budget 2022) will further accelerate the work of the East-West Metro Rail. Incidentally, in the financial year 2020-21, the allocation for Kolkata Metro was Rs 600 crore. However, this time the allocation for Metro has been increased to Tk 900 crore in the current financial year. But in the budget of 2022-23, the Center increased that allocation to Tk 1100 crore (Budget 2022).

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In the case of Kolkata Metro expansion from East-West Metro Rail to Joka Bibadibagh Metro, work has been going on at a slow pace for so long. Metro work was stopped somewhere. But that is not because of the financial allocation. Because in many cases the metro authorities had to face land congestion. However, according to experts, work can be done faster when financial allocations are adequate. According to experts, the Center has decided to increase the financial allocation to speed up the expansion of Kolkata Metro (Kolkata Metro | Budget 2022) in the coming days.

The expansion work of Dakshineswar Metro from Noapara has been going on at a slow pace for a long time. Long after the announcement of the project, Metro Rail has finally been launched on this route. This has benefited the people of Kolkata and adjoining areas. On the one hand, the general public has benefited from the introduction of the extended route of this metro, on the other hand, the treasury of the metro is also filling up. In the end, both sides saw the face of profit. This time around, the financial allocation of Tk 1,100 crore is for the rest of the extended (East West Metro Rail) routes, the movement of Tilottama will be easier and more rhythmic.

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