Kolkata Metro | CBTC Coach | Radical change! Dakshineswar-Kabi Subhash is now a technology coach on the metro route, know in detail what benefits

#Kolkata: This time modern rack in Kolkata Metro. The kind of sophisticated coaches that run on the East-West Metro will now run from Dakshineswar to Kabi Subhash (Kolkata Metro | CBTC Coach |). This train will run using modern communication based train control system or CBTC technology. As a result, where the train is on the ground or across the tunnel, how fast it is going, all the actual location of the train can be clearly known. As a result, it will be much easier to determine the speed of the metro from the side of the metro or railway control room.

Metro will run on this technology in the coming days. Non-AC Metro Rack has departed from Kolkata Metro Rail. All of the AC metro racks that operate are air-conditioned metros. And this metro operates at 750 volts DC or direct current. However, all of the few talent series racks are three-phase AC technology. And in all these rakes the power consumption is also comparatively less.

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By worshiping this prototype rack or sample rack at Bishwakarma Pujo, the General Manager Metro Railway made a good start. For now, the Metro engineers will look into the problems of this Metro or what kind of replacement is needed. After this, various necessary changes will be decided.

Metro is currently running from Dakshineswar to Poet Subhash. Metro path is slowly increasing. From Noapara to New Barrackpore via Airport. From Airport to New Goriya Vaya Airport. The metro will be launched from Joka to the disputed bug. For this, 36 metros have been allotted by Kolkata Metro Railway. The Integral Coach Factory or ICF in Chennai will manufacture these three phase AC racks. The general manager of Metro Rail said that passenger safety is the top priority for the railways at this time. And the metro route in Kolkata will increase in the coming days. So you need this rack to run more metro in less time.

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