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Kolkata Metro: Chandi and Urbi will come up, the song of Metro project in Boubazar is now ‘In the middle of life’!


#Kolkata: Chandi visit to Boubazar at an inopportune time! Chandi, who was buried under the ground, is now slowly rising above the ground. Metro authorities (Kolkata Metro), however, say that these two tunnel boring machines named Chandi alias Chandi and Urbi will be lifted in the next few months. And once that work is completed, a tunnel will be constructed at a certain place in Boubazar by cutting and covering the roof in the method of cut and cover. And once that work is completed, the Howrah-Sealdah metro tunnel will be covered underground.

On 31 August 2019, an accident occurred while digging the Sealdahmukhi tunnel on the East-West Metro. One house after another collapsed in Boubazar. The rest of the work is done with the tunnel boring machine Urbi engaged in the construction of the side tunnel. For eight long months, two tunnel boring machines got stuck under Durga Pituri Lane in Boubazar. If Urbi was brought up in pieces, there were several obstacles to bring Chandi to the ground. For that purpose, a concrete basin 40 meters long, 15 meters wide and 22 meters deep was constructed at Boubazar.

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And two tunnel boring machines will be brought up from there But the officials of the construction company rushed to Chandigam to dig the soil The good news is that this is what Chandir has seen so far. However, it is tilted 1.5 m below its specific axis. Multiple measures were taken to prevent landslides in Boubazar. Cells are made by building walls across the tunnel. Special chemicals are sent into it. So that it does not collapse again. Soil stability is maintained

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And when this chemical mixture is sent, it is seen that a solid layer of concrete has been formed across the tunnel. As a result, metro engineers are gaining momentum to lift the tunnel boring machine Chandi alias Chandi, which is buried under the ground.

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