#Kolkata: Each metro rail compartment is now fitted with a digital board. Which station are you standing at or which next station? As soon as the announcement was made, the name of the station appeared on the screen.

A number of daily metro rail passengers are surprised to see a text floating on the screen today. They started discussing among themselves about that writing.

‘No one will travel without a ticket’. Many are waiting to see next time. Metro rail passenger safety is absolutely tight. If anyone thinks that suddenly crossing the gate of metro rail and going to the other side, it is not possible at all.

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Both the Railway Protection Force and the police are in charge of surveillance. There are several office travelers who have not taken the plea not to travel without a ticket.

Some people say that it is such a beautiful project of the government. There, this statement seemed completely inappropriate. Some say metro passengers are being insulted. Honestly, if anyone travels on the Metro Rail without a ticket, it is the responsibility of the Metro Rail Authority.

Those who sit at the gate of the metro rail ticket, when asked this question, said that sometimes two people get on a ticket together. Many times after returning to school, mothers grab the baby by the stomach and punch the ticket once and leave.

As far as the argument goes, there is a tendency to evade Metro Rail tickets. Metro passengers, however, did not want to accept this explanation easily. According to most of the passengers, Metro rail service is getting worse day by day. Often the escalators at different stations get worse during the day. There are a lot of passengers who have a lot of problems getting up and down.

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Many people are surprised to see the display board inside the metro rail saying ‘don’t travel without a ticket’. Most of them objected to this article. Although I wanted to contact Metrorail about this, it was not possible.

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