#Kolkata: You have to drop ten rupees (Kolkata Metro) from Sealdah station to Metro station. Since the distance between the next station on the east and west side of Sealdah is more than two kilometers, the minimum five taka token is not available at this station (Kolkata Metro). According to Metro sources, the authorities want to start service on this route in the middle of next month, at the beginning of Bengali New Year. Waiting for the Commissioner of Railway Safety’s clearance. Metro will start running with passengers from Sealdah as soon as the Commissioner of Railway Safety or CRS gives clearance. (Kolkata Metro)

Flower garden on one side, Esplanade on the other. The distance between the two stations is more than two kilometers. For that reason, even if you go to a station from Sealdah, it will cost ten rupees. It will cost 20 rupees to go up to Sector Five. According to the metro fare list, the fare for the first two kilometers is five rupees. Then the fare for two to five kilometers is ten rupees. Since the distance from Sealdah to Fulbagan station is 2.33 km and from Esplanade is 2.45 km, passengers will lose ten rupees if they board the train from here.

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Assuming that a large number of passengers will be transported, there are three platforms at Sealdah station for two lines for their convenience. That means the island platform has been created. Screen doors are sitting on both sides. Keeping in mind the crowds, there is a double discharge platform to move the train on both sides. Rupak Sarkar, a representative of the construction company, said, “If this service is launched in Howrah in the coming days, there will be more passengers. So we have widened the station a lot. Will be. “

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Metro authorities believe that Sealdah is going to be one of the most important stations in the East-West Metro. That is why a special platform has been set up at Sealdah station to handle the crowd of passengers and for their safety. The station has 9 stairs, 16 escalators, 26 ticket counters to handle the pressure of passengers. Also, there is a special lift for the able-bodied. Arrangements have also been made for passengers to get off the local train and reach the metro station. Local train tickets can also be purchased from the metro station premises. Besides, there are toilets in this station following the recommendation of the National Human Rights Commission.

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