Kolkata Metro: School is opening, the number of passengers is increasing day by day, this time Kolkata Metro has taken a big decision

#Kolkata: The school opens on Tuesday. As a result, there will be more passengers on the subway So the number of metros is being increased from Dakshineswar to poet Subhash. Changes in the coming time schedule. The number of trains is changing from Monday to Friday as well as Saturday. The number of metros for passengers has been increased from tomorrow till Friday.

From September 25, the number of metros was gradually increased from 18 to 214. Before Pujo, on October 4, that number was increased to 28 up and down. From tomorrow it will increase by 8 which will be 262. From November 20, on Saturdays and Sundays, ordinary passengers will also have the opportunity to travel by Metro Rail. However, token usage has not been allowed yet You have to travel with a smart card. Now there are 214 metros traveling on Saturdays The number of metros from poet Subhash to Dakshineswar is 151. From November 20, 6 more metros are going up and down. As a result, 220 metros will travel on Saturday.

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In addition to this, the time of Metro on Saturday is being brought forward. The first metro to Dakshineswar will leave at 8 am instead of 8 am. The first train from Dumdum to Kabi Subhash will leave at 8 am instead of 8 am. In the morning and in the evening, office passengers will also get the benefit of the time they travel.

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The distance between the two metros is decreasing during busy hours. From 9am to 10:30 am passengers will get metro every 5 minutes. It will continue from 5 pm to 6:30 pm. However, the metro will be available on the down line from 5 pm to 6 pm, and from 7:30 pm to 6 pm, 5 minutes apart. On the other hand, on Saturdays and Sundays, only passengers with emergency services were allowed to travel on the metro. Everyone will be allowed to visit from next Saturday However, the metro rail authorities are asking the passengers to travel in compliance with the Kovid protocol.

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