#Kolkata: For the last few days, my mind was calling me bad. That proved to be true on Wednesday night. The memory of almost three years ago came back to Boubazar again. Large cracks in one house after another, many homeless again in fear of the house collapsing at any moment. Many people are forced to flee with the necessary things in front of their hands. Many have taken refuge in hotels again. On 31st August 2019, the residents of BB Ganguly Street, Boubazar Street, Durga Pituri Lane, Sankara Para Lane in Boubazar became refugees or homeless.

Huge cracks in one house after another for metro rail work, the house collapsed. Many were displaced due to panic and fear. Once again, the memories of nightmares are haunting everyone.

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Rina Chakraborty, 62 years old. That horrible, bitter memory of 2 years and 9 months ago is driving the old woman away again. You have made a bet, don’t leave the house of your father-in-law this time. And how many days to spend in panic. Rina Devi says, “People may be scared once or twice, but the only thing we know is the way we live here in panic day after day. The nightmares of being homeless three years ago still haunt us. Since then, every night the house has been shaking with the passing of cars, and cracks have been growing all over the house. There has been no benefit in repeatedly calling the Metro. No matter how many times I went, there was no solution. We have to spend our days in panic. “

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Ashok Das, a resident of 95 BB Ganguly Street, is still terrified. In his words, “I don’t know how long I will have to spend my days in such fear. Nightmares haunt me every day. Repeated appeals to the Metro Rail have not worked. No one will stand by the helpless families like us!” The rest of the residents. Anagona leader of the police from the morning, but the good days will return to Boubazar? Many promises have been flooded, but Boubazar remains in Boubazar.

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