Kolkata Metro Token: Tokens being introduced in Metro for the convenience of passengers, awareness to prevent theft

#Kolkata: After the ban, passenger services of Dakshineswar-Goria and East West Metro have been launched. Without tokens, Metrorail officials are well aware that passengers are not benefiting from just running a Metro with a smart card. So they wanted to launch the service with tokens anyway. It is being launched from the next 25th.

In the meantime, the metro is careful not to steal tokens while running the metro. Metro used to be bothered about token theft. Announcements will be made at every station to make passengers aware of the bad habit of stealing. Tokens are used as metro tickets. The token of East West Metro is a little different than the old Metro. Pictures of the East West Metro Wreck on one side, and the other is kept transparent. If you get an advertisement in the future, the name of that company will be given there. Since Metro Ticketing Area Gate is ETC, the token has to be punched in and the gate will be opened only after dropping the token in ETC.

According to old statistics, about 1,080 tokens were stolen in the first six days of the East-West Metro service. Let’s take a look at the list of first 7 days token theft – 149 tokens were issued on 14th February. 400 were stolen. On February 15, 963 tokens were issued. 218 were stolen. On February 18, 11101 tokens were issued. 311 were stolen. On February 18, 5926 tokens were issued. 49 were stolen. On February 18, 5108 tokens were issued. 56 were stolen. On February 19, 462 tokens were issued. 36 were stolen. All calculations show that 4800 tokens were issued in the first six days. And 1080 of them were stolen.

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Although the number of tokens issued is less than the number of thefts, the loss from theft has been good for Metro. Because all the tokens that were stolen were worth only 5 rupees as a ticket. But it costs about 20 rupees to make all these tokens. As a result, the total loss due to metro rail tokens was 21400 rupees. While this is a one-day statistic, the past few days have seen many tokens being stolen at various metro stations.

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But how is the token being stolen? Because it is not possible to leave the counter and enter the ticketing area without token or smart card. What happens if the gate does not open if you do not drop the token at the exit? According to sources, in addition to the electronic gate, the general staff gate or emergency gate is often opened due to crowd pressure. At that time many people left using the staff gate with different stations. Metro thinks that the whole thing lacks surveillance. And since then, many passengers have issued tickets or tokens from the counter in the token that has been stolen. But with that token, he left without hitting the metro. Keeps tokens as souvenirs. Due to which the metro is damaged.

For the time being, there will be strict surveillance on tokens at every station and announcements will be made at stations so that no one steals tokens and leaves. But the announcement is the essence.

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