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Kolkata Municipal Corporation Department Transfer ‘Where necessary, people will be given’, this time departmental transfer in the municipality: Firhad – News18 Bangla


#Kolkata: This time there will be departmental transfer in the municipality. People will be reduced from where the work is reduced to the place where there is work. The mayor said in a statement on Saturday that “at present people will be paid where they are needed, but they will not be paid where they are not needed. Because the money is not mine. It is the people’s money, the people’s tax money.”

The working method has changed with the change of days. Opportunities to work online have come. All these places do not need a lot of people. But there are already recruited workers. There is no work according to those employees. Again there are many departments where the number of workers for retirement or death has decreased. Work is being disrupted as there are no people there. The municipality wants to balance these two places.

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Firhad Hakim said, “In some places, advances are being made in line with the times. There is a lot of work being done online. Like trade licenses, the number of people we need here is no longer needed. People are being transferred where they are needed. With their help to make an overall plan of where or how many people are needed in a place. াদের Our previous board has taken a lot of casual employees during the Left Front. Formerly Inspector Raj, now all the work is being done online, but according to the current situation, we have to hire a consultant to create new posts, man power planning, otherwise there is a need for people in many places, there are no people. One thing I don’t agree with is that anyone should work in the same department for a long time. “

A section of the informed community thinks that the work speed will increase a lot as a result of taking this initiative in Kolkata Municipality.


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