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Kolkata Municipal Corporation Engineers are protesting with DA and other demands Threatening to shut down the service! Engineers of Kolkata Municipality in the movement demanding seven points including arrears of DA – News18 Bangla


#Kolkata: Demonstration of workers inside the Calcutta Municipality with various demands of the workers. The leaders of the agitating organizations have threatened to shut down the service in the future even if they join the movement after providing services to the citizens.

Engineers of the Calcutta Municipality Engineers and Allied Services Association joined the movement demanding seven points, including promotion and arrears of DA. Left Councilor Madhuchanda Deb said that they will raise this issue in the upcoming monthly session in support of their demand. The procession was led by Manas Sinha, general secretary of the organization. Multiple demands such as filling vacancies, promotions are made.

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At the same time, the Clarks Union of Calcutta Municipality has started a movement with various demands. Outstanding DA benefits to employees like state government health schemes. Employees are protesting against being deprived of retirement benefits. Amitabh Bhattacharya, the general secretary of the organization, threatened that if the demand was not met, the entire service would be suspended. Authorities including the Mayor and the Mayor’s Council of Calcutta Municipality will be responsible for this. However, at present they are protesting on holidays and holding sit-ins inside the Calcutta Municipality in a symbolic manner.

Administrative and financial powers cannot be vested in any contractual authority without the permission of the State. The KMC Engineers and Allied Services Association has alleged that the Kolkata Municipal Corporation has appointed a DG and 4 Deputy Engineers on contract basis. Today, after retirement from the front of the water department of the Calcutta Municipal Corporation and appointments are being made in various departments of the Calcutta Municipal Corporation. In protest of this, a protest procession was organized by the organization of engineers. Their demand was that temporary employees should be appointed to permanent posts immediately. Retired officers or employees cannot be made to work for the municipal body.

Manas Sinha, general secretary of the Engineers and Allied Services Association of Kolkata, complained that there were about 29,000 vacancies. But the new boys and girls are wandering around demanding jobs. And in Kolkata Municipal Corporation, full-time appointments are being made in various departments of Calcutta Municipal Corporation with contract and retired officers and staff. Not only that, Manas Sinha claims that the pensions of those who are retired employees are not being paid on time. But the money is being wasted by consuming thousands of liters of petrol in the cars of these contract officers. Where employees are deprived of their fair share, millions of rupees are being spent on the mayor’s house.

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The organization demanded that the retired officers be removed immediately and that temporary staff be appointed to permanent posts. The KMC Engineers and Allied Services Association, an organization of engineers, warned that the movement would continue until the appointment was made.

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