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Kolkata Municipal Corporation planting tree all over the city to save nature 50 thousand trees are sitting across the city! A group of initiatives to save the environment Kolkata Municipality – News18 Bangla


#Kolkata: Tomorrow is World Environment Day. Various programs will be held to raise environmental awareness among people around the world. Various programs will also be celebrated on behalf of Kolkata Municipality. The Calcutta Municipality will carry out activities to make people aware of the environment through various programs throughout the month. It started today with the journey of environmental awareness.

Kolkata Metropolitan Firhad Hakim inaugurated the colorful procession from the front of Kolkata Municipality to College Square. Other members of the city, including Mayor Debashish Kumar, took part in the colorful procession organized by the Horticulture Department of the Calcutta Municipality. The procession started from the head office of Calcutta Municipality and ended at the college junction. At the beginning and end of the cultural program is organized by the municipality. Fragments of different folk cultures of the state including chow-dance were displayed in this procession.

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At the end of the procession, in addition to the cultural program in College Square, tree planting and fish seedlings were released in the water on behalf of the municipality. Mayor Parishad (Udyan) Debashish Kumar said that a set of plans has been taken by the municipality ahead of World Environment Day. The Kolkata Municipality has set a target of planting 50,000 trees in the next one year. Most of the trees are less than ten feet high and the fruit trees were initially thought of. He also urged the citizens to put new emphasis on planting new trees in the greenery space and tubs of each flat as there is some problem in planting new trees in the city.

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He also said that besides the various events on the World Environment Day, the campaign will be carried out in the city markets with the application of plastic boycott. In view of the month-long environmental awareness campaign on behalf of Kolkata Municipality, interesting events like Quiz Competition will be organized in all the boroughs.

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