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Kolkata Municipal Corporation will not tolerate illegal activities with KMC drinking water Water theft with Tulupamp? Firhad Hakim’s strong message “Drinking water is not a child’s play” – News18 Bangla


#Kolkata: Kolkata Municipality will not tolerate illegal activities with drinking water. Many people draw water from the municipal drinking water taps through pipelines. Somewhere again, the water is used for personal use by installing Tulupamp. Someone again took water with a hand pump illegally. This time, playing with drinking water is not tolerated and this illegal act will be suppressed with strict hand in compliance with the law. Kolkata Mayor Firhad Hakim said this at the monthly session of the municipality.

Municipal tap water is being illegally pumped through Tulu pump and stored in the water tank of the house. Due to which the rest of the residents of the region are suffering from drinking water problem. Nandita Roy, a left councilor of ward 103, made the allegation at the June monthly session of the Calcutta Municipality.

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Although mentioning the incidents in the area, Nandita Roy did not make any specific complaint against anyone. Mayor Firhad Hakim has requested to make specific allegations in this regard. The mayor also said that he would consider whether a law could be enacted to solve the problem.

Nandita Roy mentioned in the resolution brought in today’s session that the houses that are being built illegally are not getting water supplied to the municipality. Municipal water is being pumped illegally from all those houses through Tulu pump. The Left Councilor alleged that due to which water crisis has occurred in different areas of Santoshpur in Ward 103 of Kolkata Municipality.

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However, this is not the first time such an allegation has been made by Calcutta Municipality. There are allegations of illegal pumping of water in all legal and illegal houses from north to south. The operation was carried out according to the rules from the water supply department of the municipality. The Calcutta Municipality cannot take strict action regarding drinking water. This time the Kolkata city authorities want to give a strong message through law.

After hearing Nandita Devi’s complaint, the mayor said, such allegations come from different places. The matter will be taken seriously. It will be discussed in the coming days whether the issue can be brought under the law to find a permanent solution to this problem.

In different wards of Kolkata Municipality, water is supplied from house to house through tube wells and deep tube wells. In that case, where a new house is built, the house is listed by the municipality as soon as the building plan is approved. As a result, the family gets water supplied by the municipality. However, the municipality has already received multiple complaints that houses are being built illegally in several places.

New multi-storey buildings are being constructed in Kolkata city. Sources in the water supply department of the municipality said that such complaints also come from those multi-storey flats. Where a part of the residents cut the water pipeline of the municipality and put a tube and pull the water with a Tulu pump. As a result, the problem has to be borne by the other residents of the area, while some of the temporary residents have to benefit, but others have to suffer the consequences.

Where there is no Tulu pump and CN water, the water pressure decreases in the next part. The pressure fell on the water supply department of Calcutta Municipality. Repeatedly receiving complaints but going to the campaign is not resolved. So this time Mayor Firhad Hakim indicated that he would take strict steps to solve the problem.

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