Kolkata Municipal Election 2021: Narad-Narad in Bagbazar in Kolkata Civil War! What’s the matter

#Kolkata: Remember the Narda sting operation? Narad sting footage was made public at a press conference from the BJP state office on the eve of the 2016 assembly elections. A complaint was lodged with the Shampukur police station in North Kolkata after the sting footage shown by the BJP spread everywhere. (Kolkata Municipal Election 2021)

There was an application in the charge sheet after examining the Narad footage. Lawyer Brajesh Jha filed a public interest litigation in the Calcutta High Court alleging that the police did not take action. Many in the High Court area still think that if the allegations of the public interest litigant of that day had not been lodged with the police station, the CBI would not have seen the light of day.

The division bench of the then Acting Chief Justice Nishita Matre and Justice Tapbrata Chakraborty did not succeed in challenging the CBI inquiry order in the Supreme Court. The lawyers said that the allegations against the Shyampukur police station on that day had played a helpful role in setting the context for the CBI investigation. After 5 years, in the Kolkata municipal elections, Narad’s words are circulating indirectly. Brajesh Jha submitted his nomination on Tuesday as a candidate from Ward 7 of Bagbazar.

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Narda public interest litigation lawyer Brajesh Jha is contesting on a BJP ticket. Minister of State Shashi Panja won the Shyampukur Assembly in North Kolkata by a large margin. Ward 7 falls within the Shashi Panja assembly constituency. Puja Panja, a newcomer to the minister’s daughter’s politics, is contesting from the 6th ward next door. The name Shashi Panja is a factor in 8, 8, 9, 10 wards. In the 8th ward alone, the Trinamool is ahead by a few thousand votes in the latest assembly results. With the nomination of BJP lawyer Brajesh Jha in ward no.

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This time the battle of Bagabazar covered with the dust of Sarada’s mother’s feet is so intense. Trinamool Congress candidate Bapi Ghosh is using development as a tool to stand by the people in Kovid. Trinamool Congress is reluctant to give importance to the opposition. He said in the evening campaign that the Trinamool Congress would win with 200% certainty. I will talk about them after winning. The High Court is not the place to show advocacy After winning the 2015 BJP ticket, Bapi Ghosh joined the Trinamool Congress. Brajesh Jha, a well-known face in the BJP lawyers’ cell, has witnessed many legal battles with the party. After submitting the nomination indoors, Brajesh Jha Netaji said, I have been working for the people of the area for twelve months even though I have not held any post in the municipality. We were sweating a lot in the background of Bapi Ghosh becoming a councilor in 2015. I was by the side of the people in Kovid. Even though I was not in power, I delivered the daily necessities from house to house during the Corona period. Hopefully people will bless us.

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