Kolkata Municipal Election 2021: Number 16, completely different from the rest of the wards in Kolkata! But why?

#Kolkata: ‘How many people nurture? Born in this world ‘, this song was floating through the box of a liquor store. On the other hand, Sunanda has pulled the brush with her mind. The pull of the brush and the holding of the brush. Seeing the two, it seems that he has the passion of art in his mind. Then he is an artist. Sunanda’s identity, she once practiced art. But now he is the candidate of Trinamool Congress in Ward No. 16 of Kolkata Municipality.

He went out to campaign in the morning. He wrote on the wall holding a brush himself. The girl of that ward is again the grandmother of that ward. And that acquaintance has made him responsible to the ward for the last five years. He was also a councilor in this ward last time.

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Sunanda said, “After 39 years, I am the non-left representative in this ward. I have arranged Ward No. 18 by mixing my thoughts with the way Mamata Banerjee has taught us to beautify the area. ‘ Somewhere the mother is caressing the child, somewhere the tribal men and women are standing, somewhere Arjuna’s charioteer Krishna, all these idols are placed on the side of the road. In a word, when you walk from Dharmatala to Shyambazar, whenever you see a beautiful idol on the side of the road with your left hand, you will think that this is the 17th ward. This ward has the largest brothel in the world ‘Sonagachi’.

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Before, the slums, the roads, the drains, everything was dirty. In the last five years, as the health center has been improved from roads and drains, the name Sunanda has entered the door of every house. When she met an old man on the street, Sunanda bowed with her hands and feet. They also raised their hands and blessed by placing their hands on their heads. Sunanda question, what will happen in the election? Trinamool candidate’s straightforward answer is, “I have studied with my mind for five years. I will test. Those who take the test, they know what to do! But I will pass. “

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