Kolkata Municipal Election 2021: Slum No. 22 in Ward No. 1 of Nongra Anturghar

#Kolkata: A few people are walking from Ematha, Omatha, in the narrow alley of the slum. Thin-faced, with a cheek-filled beard arriving at the slum door. He says with his identity, once you see the vote. I will be by your side. Pallab Mukherjee in Slum No. 22 of Ward No. 1 of Kashipur area at 8.30 am. This time he is the CPIM (left) nominated councilor candidate of Kolkata Corporation in the Kolkata Municipal Election 2021. The area knows him as Red Volunteer.

Naturally, when he went to seek votes in the Kolkata Municipal Election 2021, he complained against the last Trinamool Councilor (TMC). Pallab said, “No work has been done in this slum. People eat about one kg of dust all day. ” Kashipur railway siding next to it. It has been going on for many years.

Kolkata Municipal Election 2021: Left candidate of ward number 1 Kolkata Municipal Election 2021: Left candidate of ward number 1

In the morning, I went to Chanachur alley of slum number 22 and saw dirt lying on the road for a few days. If you want to go to someone from there, you have to cross the side and press your nose. All the toilets in the slums are broken. The septic tanks are broken. Coming down the dirty street.

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Bindu Shah and Santosh Tagore of the slum were pointing at each other and saying, “It’s been more than fifteen days, the dirt is lying there like that. “There is a lot of water problem in the slums,” said Mamata Devi Sau. When it rains a little, the water taps go under the water. Not every house has lighting. The local councilor has visited the area only two or three times in the last five years.

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On the whole, Pallab Mukherjee’s allegations of campaigning in the Kolkata Municipal Election 2021 seemed like a picture on the street. Many say the area has not improved since the Left Councilors improved ten years ago. Pallab said, “If we win, we will show what slum development is.” He said in a confident tone, “I have come to win. I will win.”


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