Kolkata Municipality Election 2021: Debashish Kumar Garib’s Messiah in Ward No. 65, People’s Friend

#Kolkata: Kolkata Municipality Election 2021 – Kolkata Municipality Election So the candidates of different parties are reaching door to door, begging for votes In this way Debashis Kumar (Debashis Kumar) came out in the election campaign Debashish Kumar is a four-time councilor in ward no. This time it will be five times.

The woman in slum No. 13 of Panditia was asked, “Did water come in this morning call time?” “It’s not a time call. Water is available 24 hours a day,” he said. Debashis Kumar is a four-time councilor in ward no. 75. This time it will be five times. In the morning Debashish Kumar Panditia went to slum number 13. The slum dwellers said, “Everyone called the slum just a tile house. Open toilet, morning and afternoon time tap water, dirty lying around, dirty drain, all that is no more now. “Before the Kolkata Municipal Election (Kolkata Municipality Election 2021), people from the area and working people in the area came down with their waists tied.

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Debashis Kumar started campaigning from house to house at 8.30 am. Many do not call it propaganda. Everyone seemed to find the boy next door. Debashish Kumar entered the house and asked someone, “How is your body?” He said to someone, “Didn’t you get malaria?” Debashish Kumar said, “Slum development has happened as it should. It is a big responsibility to keep it. He said the habit of storing water for 24 hours in the slums has decreased. As a result, dengue has decreased.

He also said, “Every household in this slum has highly educated boys and girls. The area is so expensive that not everyone can afford to buy a flat there. Moreover, absolutely in Calcutta. For which many could not leave the habit and go elsewhere. Everyone is clinging to that slum. “

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In the morning, sweepers were seen cleaning the slums. If you set foot in the slums before, it would seem that this understanding got dirty! I went to the slum in the morning and saw him walking with his eyes closed. The alleys are too narrow for the density of the house. In this way Debashish Kumar started preaching from this alley and through this alley. Took the blessing of the people. Some people came forward and said that the roof of the house was bent. “Take a look, Dad.” Someone from behind said, “Tomorrow will be over.”


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