#Kolkata: Embergo issued pre-budget. Notification of the municipality to curb the expenditure before implementing the budget of 2022-23. A review meeting will be held in September, said Mayor Firhad Hakim. Even after presenting the budget, the municipality fixed the level of expenditure for the next financial year. The Commissioner of Calcutta Municipality has issued a notification announcing Embergo on the expenditure of money allocated for 2022-23.

According to a circular issued by Kolkata Municipal Commissioner Binod Kumar, 60 per cent of the budget allocation for maintenance and repair of municipal assets and creation of permanent assets will be given preliminary approval from the exchequer. The remaining 40 percent is being withheld. The rest of the money will be approved only after completing the departmental works and submitting all the documents at 80 percent of the allocated money.

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For two years in a row, the civil service has been hit hard by the Corona epidemic. As the situation improved a bit in the next financial year, the municipality officials thought that the push could be overcome. But where will the revenue be collected from? The city administration is really worried about that. It is believed that this is the reason why the administration decided to spend from the allocated budget. So the Calcutta Municipality issued the embargo on the expenditure of the money allocated in the budget. However, sources said that the money will be approved later after understanding the condition of the treasury.

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In the fiscal year 2022-’23, revenue collection has been fixed at Tk 4,233.11 crore. Expenditure has been estimated at 4 thousand 410 crore 11 lakh rupees. The budget deficit is 16 crore rupees. Naturally, although crores of rupees have been allocated for various departments in the budget for the next financial year, the city administration has been dragging its feet on the issue of expenditure. The city commissioner issued a circular stating that the expenditure in the two sectors would be curbed for the time being. When the budget for the current financial year was presented, it was seen that there was a benefit in pulling the rush on those expenses. The amount of deficit has come down a lot from the last financial year. Therefore, the city officials have considered it appropriate to drag the rush on the question of cost again.

According to municipal sources, even in the last three-four years, 100 per cent of the budget allocation was spent on clearance. However, it showed that the deficit in income and expenditure would have increased significantly in the next financial year. Finance officials had to get speed to control that. Pulling the rush over the cost has cut that problem a lot. The deficit is also decreasing a lot. According to municipal sources, the collection of money from the main pillars of municipal revenue collection has declined in the last few years. At the end of the year, it becomes difficult to provide funds for the project if the money is not spent naturally. Due to which the work has to be suspended in the middle, or rely on the money allocated in the budget for the next financial year. That is why it has become urgent to curb spending over the last two-three years.

Mayor Firhad Hakim said a review meeting would be held again in September to discuss the municipal budget in detail. He indicated that the rest of the allocation could be cleared after understanding the situation.

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