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Kolkata Municipality took initiative to save the environment! Clear water by removing garbage in Behala pond after Garfar – News18 Bangla


#Kolkata: Calcutta Municipality has taken initiative to save the environment. After the 8 bighar pond of Garfar of ward number 106, this time there is one bighar pond of Behala. The municipality started renovations to remove the piles of garbage and rubbish and bring fresh water to the pond.

On the one hand, Kolkata Municipality is trying to save the environment by renovating the pond, on the other hand, the Kolkata Municipal Authority is trying to stop the use of plastic. Awareness campaign to stop the use of plastic was carried out by local councilors and MLAs in Ramlal Bazaar on Tuesday morning. Instead of plastic bags are given to the buyers and sellers who come to the local market.

Debabrata Majumder, MLA of Jadavpur and Mayor of Calcutta Municipality, Arijit Das Tagore, Councilor of Ward 106 and Sushila Mandal, Councilor of Ward 105 were present on the occasion.

Arijit Das Tagore, councilor of ward no. Debabrata Majumder, MLA, Mayor of Kolkata Municipality and Jadavpur said that if the use of plastic is not stopped, the problem of water accumulation in various sewers of Kolkata Municipality will not be solved. Debabrata Majumder said, “We, the people of Jadavpur, have promised that we will stop plastic together.”

Initiative of Calcutta Municipality. Pond renovation started in Behala. For a long time the pond was being filled with weeds and garbage. Talk to the mayor and talk to the councilor. Finally, the municipality is enterprising. Ward number one hundred and twenty of Calcutta Municipality. Behala Bhupen Roy Road. Ponds in the area have been stolen for a long time. Privately owned ponds are surrounded by handouts. The pond surrounded by the wall is filled with garbage and rubbish.

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A few months ago, the locals called the Talk to Mayor of Kolkata Municipality. Preparations started by the Environment Department of Calcutta Municipality. Meanwhile, locals called Sushant Ghosh, the councilor of ward number 120, to talk to the councilor. The Calcutta Municipality took control of the pond. Despite repeated notices, the owner of the reservoir did not respond.

Finally, on Tuesday, Sushant Ghosh, a councilor of ward 120 of Kolkata Municipality, stood up and started digging the pond manually. The pond will be dug within a month after clearing the weeds. Councilor Sushant Ghosh of Kolkata Municipality has promised to beautify the reservoir, not just clear water and ponds.

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