#Kolkata: After the admission of patients in the government hospitals of Kolkata and after the admission, the family members of the patients have to be subjected to harassment. If it is the family of the patient who came from Mofasal. For so many years this harassment has not ended in any way. Many people say that as soon as they enter the hospital, everyone has to get their hands on the money. If money is not given, there are allegations of non-cooperation in treatment, starting from threats.

Qasim Ali Khan (25). The house is in Kadui village of Arambagh. A motorcycle accident took place on the way to Arambagh from Goghat around midnight on the 21st. Carpenter by profession. Poor family. The mother works as a maid in someone else’s house. Police admitted Kashem to Arambagh Hospital. Bleeding in the brain and jaw breaks in an accident. Arambagh Sub-Divisional Hospital on Thursday referred him to Kolkata. The relatives rented an ambulance for Rs.

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Finally, Kasem was admitted to Nilratan Sarkar Hospital in the morning. The patient’s son-in-law Nur Islam was admitted to Nilratan Medical College Hospital. After going to bed, you have to pay 1500 rupees to open the head bandage. The patient’s relatives cannot be with the patient. He who stays will take five hundred rupees every day. Then tea and water were ordered. Poor families do not have the financial means to get medical treatment from Kolkata.

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Jaw treatment will not be available at Nilratan Government Hospital. The doctor informed. On the other hand, the health workers demand money when they go to the patient. The relatives of the patient’s house are already in great danger. Their statement is’ I am in extreme danger after coming to the government hospital. That will be what is in the fortune. I was forced to give money under their pressure. ‘ However, no one wanted to comment on the matter when they went to the hospital ward to find out.

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