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Kolkata News – A broken part of a window fell down on the head of a pedestrian and he died swd Kolkata News: Terrible consequences if it falls on the head of a pedestrian – News18 Bangla


#Kolkata: A two-story window in a police barracks collapsed, killing a pedestrian. Yesterday evening’s event. After that there was a lot of noise in Lalbazar area. Sources said that the man died on the spot. Kurban Mandal (22) and two of his friends were returning from work at around 8.30 pm yesterday.

Kurban lived in a slum next to the police barracks on Rabindra Sarani opposite Lalbazar. The accident took place while crossing the sidewalk of Rabindra Sarani while crossing the police barracks. When the light breeze started at 7:30 last night, a wooden window from the second floor of the building shattered. The front of the young man’s face was injured. Kurban was immediately seriously injured and fell on the sidewalk. Witnesses claim to have lost consciousness there.

He was rushed to the Medical College Hospital where doctors declared him dead. Carpenter by profession. He lived here with his wife and one year old child. The house is in Narit, Howrah district. After the incident, the shadow of mourning descended on the family and the area. The well-wishers of the deceased said, “He was the only earner in the family. For now, they claim that the world will survive.

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Visiting the spot, it was seen that the wooden windows of the police barracks on Rabindra Sarani were open. Many said that since yesterday’s incident, the local people have been afraid to travel through the mine. The locals claim that the windows have not been maintained in any way for a long time starting from that building.

Some people say that the repair work has started lately. The locals claim that if proper measures had been taken in advance, this fresh life would not have been lost. An autopsy has been conducted on the body today. The family never received any assurance from the police.

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