Kolkata News: A knife in the throat tube, jump from the roof, like a movie action scene! The businessman survived

#Kolkata: Thick bandage around the neck. Suraj Pratap continued to say with a deep wound under him. Sakshat died 24 hours ago.

Attempted murder by cutting throat tube. “They were 3 and I was alone, I couldn’t fight. According to some, I survived by jumping from the roof. ” The incident took place at 11 pm on Saturday. Boral Rainia area. A case of attempted murder was filed at Narendrapur police station on Sunday.

The start is Saturday evening. Bapi Mistry’s call on his mobile at 7.30 am. Very old acquaintance. Renia sits in Ward 13 and drinks. Suraj can catch the intention as soon as the night grows a little. Suddenly 2 more people came to the roof of the first floor.

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One puts his hands and feet behind his back, one puts a knife to his throat and the third monitors his movements. Suraj Pratap saved his life by jumping from the roof with a knife in his throat.

Allegations of snatching wallets, expensive mobiles, bikes were lodged at the police station. The wound is 10 cm wide. Suraj Pratap lodged a complaint at the police station on Sunday after recovering.

According to the complainant, all the three accused are Bangladeshis. The police have started searching for the accused. According to sources, this may have been due to old business animosity. Suraj Pratap’s lawyer Shamik Chatterjee said the police did not want to lodge a complaint at first. In the end, he accepted the FIR

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Attempted murder, theft, everything has happened. The lawyer warned to go to court if the police do not take positive steps. Why such an event? Suraj Pratap said, “I did not understand their intentions. They wanted to kill me and take over my business. Death was inevitable if he did not jump from the roof. I have confidence in the police investigation. “

According to sources, everyone involved in the promotion. If Suraj Pratap is removed, the ownership will go to the exclusive Bapi faction. So it is thought to be a premeditated murder attempt.

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