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Kolkata News: Be very careful, deadly fraud with an old woman in Kolkata at the ATM! Loss of savings …


#Kolkata: The fraudster took money from the ATM of a retired government employee. Until ten days after the old woman took the money, the police could not recover the money. The old woman has not yet received any phone calls from the investigators or any communication from the police after the complaint was lodged with the police.

It is learned that on October 11, Anju Das of Baghayatin Palli went to a bank ATM near her house to withdraw money. Anju was a fourth class employee of ITI College. He did not know the process of withdrawing money at the ATM properly. For which he took the help of a young man standing at the ATM. The young man changed Anju Das’s ATM card, inserted it into another ATM card machine and asked Anju Das to give him the ATM PIN number. If Anju Das gave her PIN number, the money did not come up.

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The boy handed the ATM card to Anju Das and told her that her ATM card was not working. Then Anju Das returned home. Shortly after returning home, a message came on his mobile to withdraw Rs. Twenty thousand rupees went up from his account in a moment. Then the fraudster bought things online. A total of 72,000 rupees after leaving his account. Anju’s son immediately lodged a complaint with the concerned bank and lodged a written complaint with the local Jadavpur police station.

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According to the ATM card given by the fraudster Anju, the bank authorities came to know that the boy’s house was in Kasba area and they also got the picture of the boy. Anju’s family claimed that even after handing over everything to the police station, the investigation into the recovery of the old woman’s money has not gained momentum yet.

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