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Kolkata News: Citizens of Khas Kolkata, after 50 years of darkness, finally electricity in the house!


#Kolkata: Khas was a resident of Kolkata but was deprived of electricity services. For the first time in 50 years, electricity reached the nortala of ward number 106 in Kolkata. Although there was electricity in the streets, the residents were deprived of electricity service in their homes for so long. Eventually CESC delivered electricity to homes. Noratala happy to cut the darkness. Local councilor Sushant Ghosh and power minister Arup Biswas held hands. News18 Bangla is the first to bring up the issue of suffering. Although it is a municipal area, several families are deprived of electricity. After that, the concerned administration sat motionless. After 50 years, light came to every house.

Despite being an area under the municipality, the people’s representatives expressed their displeasure as there has been no electricity for so long. Finally, the path from darkness to light is Nortala. For so long, reliance has been on jumps, candles or hurricane lights. And hope was the light of the street. This time the light in his own house. After 50 years, in the house on the ground floor, electricity reached the house. Even though there was light in the street for so long, the house was dark. Nortala floor of ward 106 near Bantala was in darkness. For 50 years, 16 families have been living without electricity. Although it was late, electricity reached the houses. In the words of local resident Monica Sardar Shyamal Sardar, ‘I made many requests in the last few days.

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But no one has heard of our pain year after year. I can’t explain what is happening today ‘. Noratala in the festive mood. Working in wartime activities, CESC has provided electricity connection to Nortala. The people of this area did not have to spend any money for electricity connection at home.

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At the initiative of local people’s representative Sushant Ghosh, the Trinamool Congress has paid all the expenses of electricity connection. All in all, I am happy to cut the darkness on the ground floor. This area in Kolkata has been like another Kolkata for so long. On the edge of the city life line bypass. But it took 50 years to cut the darkness. Even though the municipality paid property tax, it was deprived of electricity services for so long. The councilor remained active. The news reached the mayor and the power minister. Then came the fifty years of darkness.

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