#Kolkata: Name Maa Flyover 7 However, most of the boards with ‘mother’ written on the flyover are not going to read the word ‘mother’. At an administrative meeting in Madhyamgram, Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee expressed her displeasure over this. And after that KMDA sat motionless. A new board was installed on the mother flyover.

Soon after the Chief Minister expressed his displeasure, the boards with the words ‘Mother’ in English and Bengali got a new look. Already, the Hatshri boards have been completely replaced and a new ‘Mother’ written board has been put in place.

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Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee has repeatedly said that she keeps an eye on everything while driving. People’s representatives should also walk on the streets keeping this issue in mind. It became clear in the meeting that the Chief Minister did not ignore the situation of the ‘Ma’ board of Ma Flyover. In this context, the Chief Minister expressed his displeasure over the role of KMDA. The Chief Minister also expressed concern that the scene was being polluted due to the looting of the flakes of many advertisement hoardings.

In many of the boards with the word ‘mother’ on the mother flyover in Kolkata, the word ‘mother’ did not even exist. Some boards were tilted again due to lack of maintenance. There was a lining of dust. Again, even though the lights were supposed to be on the ‘Ma’ board in the evening, many of the boards did not have that light. As soon as the Chief Minister expressed his displeasure, KMDA started taking care of the ‘mother’ board of Maa Uralpul.

KMDA is responsible for the maintenance of this flyover. KMDA has already started the work of changing the ‘Mother’ written boards by making a list of the ‘Mother’ written boards in the flyover which are not taken care of. Immediately after the Chief Minister’s administrative meeting in Madhyamgram last week, the problem of gynecologist was solved at Amdanga Hospital. Police activity has also increased in the wake of outrage over the role of the police in the frequent road accidents at Chingrighata on the bypass. This time the mother of the flyover also changed.

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