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Kolkata News: Companion ill, extreme lack of money, Kolkata couple commits suicide by emailing police!


#Kolkata: Police recovered the body of a young woman from a flat near the stream laundry junction in Banshdroni on Tuesday night. Those two people used to live in different areas in that area. However, police sources said that they used to live in. The couple’s name is Riya Sarkar and Hrishikesh Pal.

According to sources, the two of them informed about their plan to commit suicide on their friends’ mobile phone WhatsApp that night. And by sending an e-mail to Lalbazar, he said the same thing. Police suspect that the suicide incident took place after that.

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According to local sources, the young man had been ill for some time. There was a lot of debt for his treatment. That is why the police suspect that they both committed suicide. Police recovered the two bodies from the flat around 9 am on Wednesday. The police opened the door and entered the house and saw two people lying on the bed. Police estimate that they committed suicide by eating something.

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Police have launched an investigation into the incident. Suicide note was also found from the spot. According to police sources, Hrishikesh Pal and Riya Sarkar were the live-in partners. On Tuesday, they emailed police and expressed their desire to commit suicide. After receiving the email, the police rushed to the spot. But before that Hrishikesh and Riya died. Police claim that they committed suicide by taking sleeping pills. Police further claimed that the youths had informed their acquaintances of their decision to commit suicide.

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