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Kolkata News || In a politically motivated move against Rahul, the Congress raided the Raj Bhavan


#Kolkata: The Center is taking action against Rahul Gandhi with political motives. The organization called for a raid on June 15 on this allegation. On this day, the party workers were asked to gather in front of the Elite Cinema in Kolkata at 2 pm on behalf of the Provincial Congress. Besides, the party has directed that all the district or block committees will hold protest processions in different parts of the district for three days from June 15. Congress workers will post videos on their social media accounts protesting against the BJP’s Delhi police and details of all the incidents. Apart from this, various programs like national road blockade, rail blockade etc. were also mentioned. The workers in the movement were also asked to put the national flag in front.

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Niloy Pramanik, in-charge of the organization, said in a press statement on Tuesday that “Modi-Shah” has been hatching various conspiracies from the beginning to tarnish the image of innocent Rahul Gandhi in various ways. Although no evidence has been found against Gandhi, Modi-Shah is seeking political revenge by illegally detaining other party MPs. Not even a drop of drinking water was given. The MPs were picked up from the AICC office and detained at Badarpur police station on the Haryana border.

The statement said, “Delhi Police also attacked them on this day. Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel was arrested along with his Chhattisgarh police bodyguards. Modi-Shah’s arbitrariness is going on by pointing fingers. “


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