#Kolkata: KMC Jhunkega Nehi. Trinamool Congress means twins. Flower not Fire. This is how the popular southern movie Pushpar Favorite Dialogue came up in the budget speech of Kolkata Municipality. This is not the end, the popular tune of the former cinema …. ‘You too walk and see Kolkata!’

Last Wednesday, Mayor Firhad Hakim presented the budget for 2022-2023 in Kolkata Municipality. This budget shows a deficit of Tk 16 crore. At the same time, however, the emphasis has been on digital Kolkata. Apart from simplification of property tax, various initiatives have been taken for greening and prevention of environmental pollution.

What will citizen service look like in the next financial year? What will be the source of income of Kolkata Municipality? Friday was the first day of a two-day discussion on the budget presented by Mayor Firhad Hakim. There was a lot of pressure from the ruling party and the opposition in the discussion of that first day. However, everything has been overshadowed by the film speech of today’s budget session.

The best statement must have been made by Ananya Bandopadhyay, Councilor of Ward No. 109. At the end of his eloquent speech in English and Bengali, he gave a mercatile dialogue of a popular southern film. With the help of social media, the dialogue of Pushpa’s photo is now word of mouth. The twin flower symbol of the Trinamool Congress is not the flower but the fire. As soon as he said this, Ananya reminded him that the problem of Corona from Amphan, the way the team of Kolkata Municipality has worked …. there is no KMC inclination in that. Naturally, after hearing Ananya’s dialogue, the Council Chamber of Calcutta Municipality burst into applause.

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I must remember that song in the previous film, ‘Kolkata …. You too walk and see Kolkata. Think Kolkata too ‘, in the way popular hero Prosenjit did a walk-tour in Kolkata in the popular Bengali film, in reality the same walk-tour was proposed by Councilor of Ward No. 24 Ellora Saha.

Many think that his proposal will open new horizons of tourism. He used to say, ” If you start walking from Mallick Ghat Flower Bazaar, you will reach Simla Vivekananda’s house, from Kumortuli to Bagbazar’s mother’s house. Elora thinks that the income from this tourism can solve the budget deficit of Kolkata Municipality.

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Mayor Firhad Hakim did not dismiss Ellora’s proposal. However, he said the state has a special department in tourism. This is not a municipal issue. However, the municipality can only do infrastructural development for this. There are various heritages not only in North Kolkata but in the whole city. Preserving that heritage architecture is a tough challenge for Calcutta Municipality. The mayor gave the ultimate message to the owners of the heritage building. If the renovation is not done in time, the municipality will renovate it on its own initiative and cover the cost of the renovation with the property tax. If not, the Calcutta Municipality will take action in accordance with the Heritage Property Act. He also cited the example of Bhukailash Mandir, saying, “If corporate bodies come forward with social responsibility, Kolkata’s heritage can survive for the foreseeable future.”

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